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Flesher Marble

If you are looking for the top tile installation in Calgary, then Flesher Marble & Tile offers top quality services.

Why is Flesher Marble & Tile your best bet? On top of offering professional workmanship for over 100 years and award-winning work. We've put together our favorite reasons why our tiling services are right for you. 

Professional Team of Experts

No matter what your project or vision for your home or business, we have a team of professionals who can handle any challenge. Our earliest projects include the Burns Building in 1910 and the Calgary Courthouse in 1913. Since then we continue to uphold a superior level of excellence in all of our work. We pride ourselves on our fine workmanship and customer service. 

We strive to ensure you're in love with the finished product. Plus, we are always ready and willing to work with you along the way. We are a family-owned business. Our goal is to provide you with craftsmanship that can only come from true professionalism.


Wide Variety to Meet Every Design

There are a lot of options on the market and we don't want you to miss out! We're proud to offer a wide variety of tile and stone options to fit your personal aesthetic. These include stylish materials such as travertine, limestone, and marble. 

Our tile showroom in Calgary allows you to peruse an array of colors and materials in one convenient location. Our luxury vinyl, porcelain, slate, and much more, will instantly spark your creativity!

Plus, our trained team members can help you narrow down your choices to help you find the perfect product for your floor, backsplash, or wall. We will work with you to get whatever type of tile or stone you are looking for. So your dream space can become a reality.


Quick & Easy Installation

When it comes to efficient work that is completed flawlessly, nothing beats hiring a professional. There are a lot of unforeseen issues that can arise during a tiling project.

Sometimes DIY isn't your best bet. It can cause messy results and ruin the integrity of your tiles. Plus it could pose a safety risk!

Avoid the headache of having an unfinished bathroom or kitchen for months while you try to do it yourself. We can take care of the tedious work for you, with better results, and in less time! 

That's because we have advanced equipment for precision. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results of a beautiful tiling job done right.


Experienced Advice

If you're designing a tiling job yourself, there may be some important tips that you aren't familiar with. When working with Flesher Marble & Tile, we offer years of experience when choosing certain materials and creating an overall layout for your tile.

Depending on the location of your tile, you will need to consider things such as durability, water resistance, ease of maintenance, location such as indoors or outdoors, as well as resistance to chemicals.

For example, if you are planning to tile your backyard deck, you should stick with terracotta or clay. We can walk you through the selection process no matter what your project entails. So you can choose the best tile that is not only going to look great but also last!

Tile Installation in Calgary

Getting started on your tiling project doesn't have to be overwhelming! With our help, you can move forward on your tiling masterpiece! 

Check out Flesher Marble & Tile for your tile installation in Calgary. We're here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more!


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