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Are you looking for a way to remodel parts of your home to look modern but rustic at the same time? Don’t wait, choose slate! Slate is a natural stone flooring material known for its distinctive dark and rustic look. Incredibly durable due to its density, slate is the perfect option for your kitchen or other areas of your home that require a little extra strength. Slip, water, and heat resistant, slate is made to last and requires little maintenance. Get natural texture and a classic look with slate tile from Flesher Marble & Tile.

At Flesher Marble and Tile, our slate tile’s slip, water, and heat resistance make it the best option for the surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen. It is the most durable and affordable choice among various flooring options. You can get slate tiles in many variations of colours and patterns to fit your home’s décor perfectly. Get in touch with us now or visit us at our location right here in Calgary for the best slate tile options.

Why Choose Slate?

Choosing slate tiles over other flooring options has multiple benefits, and here at Flesher Marble and Tile in Calgary, we make sure you are only provided with the best of the best.


Some of these benefits are:


Non-porous and hygienic

Slate has no risk of bacteria as it is non-porous, making it the best option for bathrooms and kitchens.


Easy to clean and maintain

No kind of spill can leave a stain on a slate tile. It does not store any hair, dust or dirt because it has no crevices, making it much easier to maintain.


Adds elegance to your existing décor

Slate tiles add a distinct type of modern yet natural look.


Sturdy and durable

Natural stone slate tiles are significantly less likely to get damaged or break.


Affordable: Slate tiles are less expensive than marble or granite tiles, making them a much better option. They are also cheaper than most concrete, quartz, or crushed glass alternatives.


Easy to install

Slate tiles are easy to cut and install with a simple sealant involved in the process.



Slate tiles are slip, water, and heat resistant, giving it another reason to be the best option for kitchens and bathrooms.



Slate tile options have a diverse range of colours and patterns to choose from. You can choose the colour and design that suits your home décor perfectly.


If this piqued your interest, make sure you check out our blog and read more about the most suitable tiling options for your home.

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