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Get a versatile and intricate pattern for your backsplash or wall with mosaic tile. Whether you’re looking for a subtle design to compliment the room or become the standout itself, our range of designs will help you achieve any look you envision.

Flesher Marble & Tile has supplied high-quality mosaics in Calgary for all kinds of renovation and interior refurbishment projects.

Mosaics are in high demand worldwide largely due to their exuberant appearance and unique glossy finish, making them ideal for high-end interior and design projects. Owing to their opulent look and smooth finish, they are often found in hotel lobbies, luxury boutiques, and upscale restaurants. Rectangular, square, hexagons, you name it! The effect is a work of art embedded right into your home’s design. Our expert installers can advise you on quirky and distinctive design ideas to help you make your home stand out from the rest in Calgary.

Add an Element of Luxury to Any Space

Due to their small size, mosaics can be applied in a variety of patterns and designs. They instantly add an eclectic and interesting element to any space. If you have been thinking about how to add a touch of personality to a blank wall, here’s why you should try installing mosaics:

  • They are most often used in backsplashes, fireplaces, and showers.

  • Our customers like the wide variety and design aspects of mosaic tiles.

  • They can be found in most materials whether you are looking for slate, porcelain, marble, or any other.

  • They usually come in a foot-by-foot mesh that makes them easy to install and cut.

At Flesher Marble & Tile, we have a large inventory of mosaic tiles to fit your renovation budget and style in Calgary. Although the installation cost of mosaics is a little more than regular tiles, they look truly unique and luxurious and can transform even the plainest of a room into a vibrant and upbeat space. Call us to learn more about the range of products.

Maintaining and Caring for Mosaic Tiles

Here are some tips to care for your mosaic tiles and make them appear their best with a few simple steps:

  • Post-installation cleaning: Once your tiles are installed, you should take care to remove the dust and debris and avoid grout buildup. 
  • Routine cleaning: You can use a mild cleaner to clean your mosaic tiles to ensure they are spotless. 
  • Floor cleaning: With regular and gentle mopping, you can keep your mosaic tile floors free of dirt and debris. 

Generally, it is important to immediately clean any spills on your tiles, to avoid the buildup of grime. We also advise our clients not to drag any furniture across their tiles. If you'd like to learn more about mosaic tiles, contact our team today!

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Ideas for Better Arts

Browse through our gallery to select the most appealing style for your kitchen and bathroom.

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Add Functional Features to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Now that you’ve read about it, see our beautiful products for yourself.

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