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Choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen and bathroom may not be easy owing to the different materials and designs available these days. Before making a purchase, make sure the tile you select is not only beautiful but also highly functional and durable. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of using different tiles; ensure the colour and texture of the tile complements the interiors of your space.

If you are looking for backsplash or ceramic tiles in Calgary, Flesher Marble & Tile can help. We have been serving both commercial and residential clients since 1910. 

Here are a few tips to consider while selecting the right tile for your kitchen and bathroom:

Consider Where the Tile Will Be Installed

Before you select a tile material, you will have to consider the surface where it will be used. This is because most of the tile materials tend to be slippery, especially when wet. If there are children and elderly people in your house, it is very important for you to install slip resistant tiles (particularly in bathrooms). Smooth or glossy tile materials can be used as backsplash tiles behind a stove or on the wall underneath the upper cabinets. Tile is also one of the most popular countertop materials.

Choose a Tile Material

You can use a wide range of tile materials in your kitchen. Vinyl, cork and bamboo tiles can be used in flooring. Quarry, ceramic and porcelain can be installed on counters and floors. Glass tiles are usually used in walls and backsplashes. To ensure all the tiles you choose complement each other, use your first choice as a reference point to decide on the others. 

Decide on a Colour

For a unique colour or pattern as the focal point of your design, you must use prominent colours in the accent tiles and subtle ones in the others. 

Think About Maintenance

If maintenance is an important factor for you, then install porcelain or ceramic tiles as they are virtually maintenance free. Tiles that are made from natural stone usually require more maintenance and have to be sealed. A lot of dirt and grime can also accumulate on them as they are more porous.

Decide on a Budget

You can use inexpensive (such as vinyl and linoleum tiles) or expensive tiles (custom designed ceramic tiles) in your kitchen. Before you decide on a particular tile material, find out its cost and the amount necessary for your kitchen to decide on a budget.

For installation of backsplash tiles in Calgary, get in touch with Flesher Marble & Tile. We strive to complete the job promptly and efficiently. We also offer commercial tile installations. To know more, contact us today!


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