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Tile installation in a house

Home renovation projects can feel overwhelming with the seemingly endless possibilities, especially when choosing tile. There are so many options from material, shape, and size to colour, texture, and pattern. Don't fret!

Things are easier when you have the experts on your side.

If you're looking for the best when it comes to purchasing tile in Calgary, let the experts at Flesher Marble & Tile make your tile dreams a reality.

We provide exceptional tile installation and offer a wide variety of quality tiles that are both luxurious and functional. With over 110 years of experience, you are sure to find the quality and satisfaction you are looking for in both product and installation.

When choosing your tile, it is important to take a few key steps. Continue reading for simple guidelines to help you choose the perfect tile for each area in your home!


Envision Your Ideal Tile in Calgary

Knowing your design style is key with any home renovation or upgrade. What is your vision for each of your rooms? If you're looking to have an idea prior to meeting with our design experts, look at resources like current trends for inspiration.

Let's say you are giving your kitchen a remodel and you have always loved the idea of clean, bright white tile against your matte grey cabinetry and marble countertop. You'd love dramatic dark hardwood floors, but that is not yet in your budget.

You're also looking to revamp your guest bathroom with new flooring.

That is your vision! Now let us help you make that reality.


Understand Your Needs

On what surface will the tiles be installed? Some options are dual-purpose, but that doesn't mean that all tiles are all as versatile. Ceiling tiles are not the same as wall tiles, and floor tiles are different, too.

This has everything to do with the durability of material, texture, and maintenance. 

For your white kitchen backsplash, you likely want to aim for a strong, low maintenance option like ceramic or porcelain that will last and can easily be wiped off. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, like popular rectangular subway tile.

On the other hand, you would want something quite different for your bathroom floor. A great option is slate tile. It is the perfect option for this space because it is water, heat, and slip-resistant and is made to last.


Maintain Your Budget

Once you have your target look, choose the best option for your allotted budget. In every look, there are different price points. Our experts can help you make the final decision.

Speaking of budget, did you know that you can achieve the look of hardwood floors without the sticker shock? You read that right. Our faux wood options are just what you have been searching for.

As you can see, tile truly is a member of the group of versatile powerhouse products that can easily update homes and even replicate expensive materials without sacrificing quality.


Schedule Your Installation

That's it! Hire our professionals and watch your home become everything you have dreamed of.

You know who to call for tile in Calgary. From product selection to installation, get in touch with Flesher Marble & Tile. Your satisfaction is our specialty! To learn more about our products and services, contact us today or visit our showroom.


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