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terrazzo tiles

Italy is well-known for its incredible art and distinct architectural style. Think of the grand and ancient colosseum, the sprawling Spanish steps, or the beauty of the Trevi fountain.

Let’s face it; the Italians know exactly how to do awe-inspiring structures and gorgeous interiors.

One of the best ways to pay homage to the stately style of Italian decor is by installing terrazzo flooring. But sometimes, this high-quality option can be a little bit beyond budget. Keep reading as we explore the benefits of terrazzo floors in your home and give you the inside scoop on the best low-cost alternative.


What Exactly Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a style of flooring originating in Italy in the 19th century. It then spread to corridors and rooms around the world in the late 1800s, becoming a popular feature in the art deco and art nouveau movements of the 1920s and 1930s. 

2018 saw a terrazzo trend revival, with interior decorators lauding this flooring option for its versatility and clean vintage feel.

Although materials and methods vary, terrazzo is usually made using a concrete or epoxy base. This base is then inlaid with chips of other materials like granite, glass, marble, and quartz, giving it more depth and character.


Is Terrazzo Right for Me? 

Its strength and durability make terrazzo floors a popular choice for high-traffic areas, such as schools and public buildings. It's also easy to clean and care for, requiring minimal effort to keep its impressively shiny finish.

But terrazzo is not only known for its durability. When it comes to the materials inlaid in the base, there's room for creativity and personalized designs. Professional installers can turn your Terrazzo flooring into a work of art with glittering materials selected to suit your space. 

Depending on the flooring materials used, terrazzo can be quite expensive. But don't let Terrazzo flooring cost stop you. There are a few cheaper alternatives that achieve the same dazzling effect. 


Wausau Tiles – The Alternative Solution

The cost of Terrazzo tiles varies depending on the type you choose and the size of your space. But Terrazzo is generally on the pricier side when it comes to tiling. 

Luckily, there is an alternative that is just as durable and still has that glimmery finish. The best low-cost alternative to terrazzo flooring available today is pre-cast terrazzo from Wausau Tiles. Because it is pre-cast instead of poured-in-place, the installation cost is a lot less, but the look is the same!

Even though it's pre-cast, this terrazzo alternative can be seamlessly laid to create a uniform look throughout the space. Wausau tiles give you the look of terrazzo, without the hefty price tag.


Wausau tiles have several terrazzo flooring styles to choose from, including Collaborative Series, Maple Leaf series, Prairie series, Traditional series, and more. To see the entire collection, check out their website.


Get Floor-less Quality

If you are looking for flooring without a hefty price tag, we have plenty of alternative options to choose from. Get in touch or visit Flesher Marble and Tile in Calgary today!



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