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man laying the ceramic tile on the floor

Tiles play an essential role in setting the look and feel of your property; in tiling, even the smallest mistakes can cost you dearly. Repairing flawed grout lines or minor positioning mistakes can cost a valuable amount of money and time. So it is important to hire a commercial tile contractor. An experienced and skilled tile contractor can make a big difference in the quality, timeline and execution of your project.

If you are on the lookout for skilled commercial tile contractors, Flesher Marble & Tile can help you out. We have been providing excellent workmanship and customer service for over 100 years. You can visit our showroom and select from a wide range of tiles for your construction project. This blog intends to make you aware of the dos and don’ts while choosing a tile contractor.

Dos to Keep in Mind

Choosing a tile contractor is something that requires keeping certain factors in mind. You need to:

• Assess their skill level

Always ensure that your contractor is licensed, certified and has current insurance. If the contractor is not licensed, check if the contractor has a minimum verifiable experience of two years as a lead installer.

• Ask for references

Reliable installers will be able to provide references that will display their level of service and abilities. Ask for a minimum of two references.

• Look for their business online

Search for the company online and look for reviews by customers on Google listings or directories such as Yelp.

• Look for warning signs

There are certain warning signs that you should be aware of while choosing a commercial tile contractor. First, be careful of prices that are too good to be true. Next, ensure that you get informative answers to your questions. Finally, be extra careful if you cannot talk to references or see work samples.

Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Avoid using money as a deciding factor. Many make the mistake of using money as the deciding factor while selecting their contractor. A few contractors change the cost of their services depending on the kind of services chosen, and there will be those who offer poor services at a high fee. As you determine the right contractor to hire, make sure the money you pay is worth the services they provide.

Looking for Commercial Tile Contractors?

Flesher Marble & Tile has been providing commercial tile fixing services for over a century. We provide a range of tile products for our clients. We have played a big role in shaping the architecture of Calgary. A few of our well-known projects include the Calgary Courthouse and Burns Building.

Call us to learn more about how we can help you with commercial tile installation.


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