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Ceramic tiles on the ground.

Flesher Marble has been in business for over 100 years.  We know the tiles we work with and we're committed to helping homeowners improve their homes.  

If you have an older home, ceramic tile is a great material to help your home age properly with a reliable material.    

On the other hand, if your home is newly established, ceramic tile is a sturdy choice for long-term flooring, countertop or backsplash that can last even in your home's older stages.

Keep reading to learn more about how ceramic tile can transform your home and why it's such a useful material. 


1. Looking for Ceramic Tile in Calgary?

There's a lot of variety with ceramic tiles. They're commonly used in kitchens and bathroom renovations, which are on the list of top home improvement projects in Canada.

In 2019, homeowners in Alberta were recognized to have the most renovation costs than any other Canadian province. 

We know that homeowners in Calgary are busy working on their homes.  So if you're one of those homeowners and you've thought about getting tile, we're here to help you complete the vision for your home. 


2. Affordability

Tile flooring is a popular choice for homeowners trying to make their dream kitchen.  In Canada, flooring typically amounts to 7% of your renovation expenses. 

Due to larger square footage, floors are usually the most involved tile projects.  However, countertops on average can also consume about 10% of your budget.

For a 550 square foot home using all ceramic tile in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, the national average cost is $2,075. 

If you want to find out how much your ceramic project will cost with Flesher Marble, contact us today or schedule an appointment.


3. Durability

Ceramic tile is generally a rugged material, which means it doesn't crack easily. The average life expectancy of a ceramic tile floor is 75 to 100 years.  

Tiles can last longer when installed without glaze because of their rugged top layer.  However, glazed tiles seal out stains and grime. 

At Flesher Marble, you can have your tiles installed with a gloss or matte finish, giving you opportunities to customize the aesthetic you want. 


4. Maintenance and Cleaning Convenience

Ceramic tiles are highly convenient when it comes to cleaning.  Their hard top layer prevents stains, grime and liquid from seeping into the rest of the tile material. 

This does depend on the specific tile material you use, but you can generally use heavy-duty cleaners without worrying about staining your tiles. 

You can wipe tile surfaces clean without residual damage from stains. Ceramic tiles are great for rooms prone to frequent messes, such as kitchens and bathrooms.  

Be sure to also apply furniture pads to the bottom of any furniture that sits on the tiles so you don't scuff your tiles.   

Why Choose Flesher Marble and Tile for Your Ceramic Tile in Calgary?

Flesher Marble is locally owned and family-run, so we're dedicated to supporting our community by providing ceramic tile in Calgary. 

Ceramic tile is a great material that can transform your home and right now, you can get 10% off your tile orders at Flesher Marble and Tile.

Our work speaks for itself, so please visit our gallery to see the possibilities for your home and get inspired! 


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