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Timeless tradition, cutting-edge technology, endless innovation and detailed design converge in our sought-after custom precast terrazzo. For expansive, high-traffic buildings such as commercial campuses, airports and event centers, Wausau Tile provides a smooth, uniform look from floor to floor. With the industry’s most comprehensive matching capabilities, those uniform looks can easily be extended to mirror the terrazzo throughout an entire building. Whether you choose epoxy or cement, our precast terrazzo is available in flat treads, tread and risers, self-supporting flat treads, self-supporting tread and risers, and landings.

Two Types of Precast Cement and Epoxy

Cement: Wausau Tile’s cement terrazzo offers a timeless look that’s incredibly strong and versatile. It presents a polished style built to withstand high traffic, with compressive strengths of more than 4,000 PSI. Products include tread and risers, flat treads, self-supporting treads, landing panels, cove and flat base, and wall panels.


Epoxy: From treads and risers to landing panels, cove and wainscot panels, Wausau Tile’s epoxy terrazzo creates a classy, continuous look that can easily extend to match any nearby tile. Epoxy allows for bright, bold colour creations that you’ll need to see to believe. Create yours and step toward a striking new look.

Explore Our Collection of Wausau Terrazzo Tiles

Dive deep into our extensive range of Wausau Terrazzo Tiles. We have something to fit all your unique needs.

Terrazzo Tile

Wausau tiles are timeless, low-maintenance and can withstand high traffic. They come in distinct designs and can effortlessly blend with multiple decor themes. You can also choose their custom engraving and water-jet cut tiles that create customized patterns or logos on the ground. Moreover, you can also access their latest inventory in the following segments: terrazzo tile series, terrazzo tile limited quantity, quick ship terrazzo tile, terrazzo tile services, terrazzo tile accessories, and terrazzo tile guides.

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Terrazzo Tile Series

Wausau terrazzo tiles are perfect for people who are seeking low-maintenance but highly durable tiles. These tiles are cement-based, machine-pressed, and qualify for LEED credits. Explore the 7 tile series featuring tiles in distinct colours, styles and textures to complement a range of decor themes. Tiles from the atmosphere series, collaborative series, maple leaf, prairie series, micro series, reflections series, river run series, series sesto, and traditional series are perfect for schools, hospitals and retail areas.

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Maple Leaf

Designed with marble aggregates from Canadian quarries, this series features tiles in different sizes, thicknesses and colours. With a compression strength of more than 8,000 PSI avg., this could be a perfect choice for your school, office or any area that receives high footfall.

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Prairie Series

Available in different shapes, sizes, colours & thicknesses, tiles under this series are a perfect combination of style and strength. The tile is made using granite aggregates, which grants it a unique and beautiful look that can take the aesthetics of your space a notch higher.

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Traditional Series

Are you looking for simple and elegant tile designs? Choose from the traditional series that comes in four different sizes, each with its own thicknesses. In addition to this, they come in a range of colours to suit your flooring needs.

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Collaborative Series

The collaborative series has some unique tile designs in square and rectangle shapes and is available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. You can choose from a range of colour options including snowbound, mesquite, onyx, white diamond and nickel.

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