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Limestone and Marble Tile Options in Calgary

Limestone comes in a variety of neutral colours to work its way into any design. Since limestone is available in various degrees of hardness, a sealant can add a layer of protection to keep your tile looking like new. This also allows for easy maintenance with messes and spills swept and mopped away without hassle. Limestone offers old-fashioned charm to any room!

Elegant and sophisticated, marble can be incorporated into your wall or backsplash to complete your design. Known for its beautiful veining, it often comes highly polished to give off shine and lustre. Marble comes in a variety of colours, always offering a classic finish.

Limestone and Marble

Listed below are the things to be considered while choosing limestone and marble:

  • Marble is a beautiful natural stone and our clients love the uniqueness and character that can be found with marble.
  • Marble is an excellent choice for a custom fireplace or perhaps a backsplash. One of the points to remember is marble is a very porous stone, so we recommend you to get it sealed every 6 months to maintain its natural beauty.

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