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Ceramic Tile Options in calgary

Made and pressed from clay, ceramic tile is one of life’s oldest building materials. It’s no wonder it remains a popular choice today thanks to its versatility in design and finishes. It can be pressed into a variety of designs and glazed in many colours. Topped off with a gloss or matte finish, there are endless ceramic options suitable for your kitchen or bathroom.

Why Choose Ceramic?

Listed below are the advantages of ceramic tiles:

  • Our customers enjoy the endless variety available with ceramic tile and it is an excellent budget friendly choice for your kitchen and bathroom remodel.
  • They are more budget friendly than porcelain.
  • They are best used on walls.
  • They are available in huge variety of modern designs.
  • Subway tiles are mostly ceramic and can be found in many shapes and sizes. They are also not as heavy as a standard porcelain tile making them excellent on walls but not the best choice for floors.
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Ideas for Better Arts

Browse through our gallery to select the most appealing style for your kitchen and bathroom.

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Add Functional Features to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Now that you’ve read about it, come see our beautiful products for yourself.

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